Book Review: ‘Mirrorland: A Novel’ By Carole Johnstone

Cat and El are twins seperated by four minutes. They were close growing up and had a shocking event happen to them as kids. Then ten years ago they had a falling out and haven’t talked since. But El has disappeared during a boating trip and Cat has rushed back to Scotland to figure out what’s going on. She is back in her old house that El and her husband Ross bought. It brings back memories of their childhood and their secret area of Mirrorland, a place they would to to escape their lives. And now Cat is getting mysterious e-mails and notes left on the front door warning her and sending her on a chase to find clues. Then Cat starts learning shocking secrets about the past and about Mirrorland, which leads to twists and turns about what really happened to El.

A solid, twisty mystery that has a reveal you don’t see coming and one that you do. The whole Mirrorland thing is a bit confusing so make sure to read along with it carefully. This is the debut novel from author Carole Johnstone and she suceeds on most levels. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

You can pick up Mirrorland in stores on Tuesday, April 20th from Scribner.

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