Book Review: ‘Mine: A Novel’ Is A Psychological Thriller Between Two Women

Tessa and Ethan are married and have three kids. They live in Florida and seem to have a good life. Both make good money and work a lot. They haven’t been able to spend as much time together as they use to. Ethan is in New York on work and Tessa dropped her two youngest off at Grandma’s and has headed home to Florida. A hurricane was on the way and has turned closer to where she lives and now she has to prepare the house by herself (Ethan was suppose to be home for a romantic weekend). She also has to ride the storm out by herself in her house.

When she uses Ethan’s iPad she finds a nude picture and texts messages to Lindsey. It can’t be he’s been having an affair? Tessa’s world is shattered. She decides to set a trap for her and invites her over to the house as Ethan to ride out the storm with her. She tells her to come in and get in bed and put on handcuffs, which Lindsey does. Then it becomes a battle of the two women. Comparing stories and confessions and what will Tessa do with a captured Lindsey during the hurricane? As they verbally battle Tessa finds out more information about Ethan that will shock both ladies and when Lindsey gets the upper hand what will she do with Tessa.

When an unexpected person shows up at the house it will change everything and by the time the storm ends all secrets will be out and lives will be changed.

The story is told by Tessa and Lindsey in alternating chapters. We learn the back story of both women’s relationships with Ethan and how what drew them to this moment. With twists and turns they story never wanes and I found I couldn’t put the book down wanting to see how it would play out. Just a great psychological thriller.

You can pick up Mine in stores on Tuesday, May 28th from Gallery Books.

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