Book Review: ‘Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish: A Novel’ By Tori Whitaker

Three generations of Glenn women are now together in the Cincinnati area. Millie is about to turn 91 years old. Her daughter Jane is moving back to the area and Millie hopes to get their relationship back on track. They’ve had a complicate one for years. And Jane’s daughter Kelsey, who also lives here, announces she’s having a baby.

This brings back memories of a tragic event for Millie, one she’s never shared with her daughter or granddaughter. But she knows she has to. Jane also has a potential issue that she reveals. And Kelsey is not sure where she wants to have her baby. Via flashbacks we learn about Millie’s life from the time she got married and everything that happened to her from that point forward. And now she shares the heart-breaking truths to her family and it could either make them closer or tear them further apart.

This is a heart-warming story of three generations of strong, independent women. The love of Millie for her family is at the core of the story and some well placed twists and turns keep the reader engaged to the very end.

You can pick up Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish in stores on Thursday, October 1st.

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