Book Review: ‘Met Her Match’ Is A Really Fun Rom-Con Mystery By Jude Deveraux

In Summer Hill, Virginia. There is the upper class and the regular everyday person. Terry Rayburn is an everyday person. Her family owns the summer resort on Lake Kissel. Terry basically runs things. Something needs to be fixed or an issue with a guest Terry is the one to make it right. Terry also has a bit of a reputation that isn’t fair to her. Her mother ran away when she was younger with another man. She beat up to guys in high school who tried to rape her. She broke up with Billy after a year together and he and his family left town and no one ever knew the reason why. Terry is thought to be just like her loose mother.

Now home from a quick trip she sees a gorgeous man named Nate coming out of her lake and in her house. Just who is this man? Turns out her father told him he could stay in the house. His fiancee Stacy is in Italy for three weeks. Nate has moved her to marry her and live. Terry thinks this guy is hot and is attracted to him. Until she finds out right away he has a fiancee., That doesn’t stop them from being friends and she lets him live in the house. Nate turns out to be a valuable person. He basically has taken over Terry’s job at the Lake and everyone loves him.

He is also attracted to Terry but is committed to Stacy. At least he thinks he is. Being around Terry and the lake people makes him rethink everything. He is a beer and steak kind of guy. Stacy is wine and kale. She also seems to be running his life. She has decorated his new office and her father bought them her dream house. He hates it. He soon realizes he really likes Terry as well.

He also has heard stuff about her past (which he could care less about). He just wants to know what happened to her and he soon investigates things and what might have happened to her mother all those years ago. Things don’t add up that she just ran away. He soon make a shocking discovery which changes everything. Now he just has to decide who and what he wants out of life.

Author Jude Deveraux writes the best books. This is delightful novel set in a great location. The characters are really well-written, especially the lake gossip. You find yourself rooting for Terry and Nate in a big way while reading the book. If you’re a fan of traditional rom-cons with a mystery twist this time, this is the book for you this fall.

You can pick up Met Her Match in stores on Tuesday, September17 from MIRA.

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