Book Review: ‘Mercy Creek: A Jo Wyatt Mystery’ By M.E. Browning

The second novel in the Jo Wyatt series is a great follow-up to Shadow Ridge. It’s a compelling mystery looking into the disappearance of an 11 year-old girl, with any number of potential suspects. Fast-paced and a shocking ending highlight this page-turning novel. Jo Wyatt and her partner Splint are called to look into the missing 11 year-old girl Lena, who was supposed to be at the fair and 4-H club but never showed up. Her sister is also missing but finally comes home. The last Lena was seen was that morning. She was suppose to have stayed at her father’s the night before but he begged off at the last minute. And as it turns out Jo has history with both of the parents dating back to high school. As they investigate they find lie after lie and the days and hours drag on without Lena being found. They a shocking discovery is made and a twist ending upends everything in the story.

You can pick up Mercy Creek in stores on Tuesday, October 12th from Crooked Lane.

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