Book Review: ‘Maybe Next Time: A Novel’ By Cesca Major

It’s Monday, and for Emma it’s the start of a new week. Get the kids up, and to school. Say goodbye to her husband Dan, and go off to her job in publishing, where one of their authors has posted something bad on Twitter. It’s also the anniversary of when she and Dan met, and she needs to write a letter to him, like they do every year. On top of that, there’s a committee meeting tonight she has to take notes for. After she gets home, a fight with Dan takes place, she forgot the letter. He goes out to walk the dog, and is hit by a car, and dies. The next morning she wakes, and it’s Monday again, over and over for months. She doesn’t understand the time loop, and each day tries changing things to hopefully break the cycle. Will making these changes make Emma’s life better and change the fate of Dan? Think Groundhog day on a more personal level, We go through these days with Emma, and live and feel her pain and wonder if she can change her destiny. Have some Kleenex handy.

You can pick up Maybe Next Time in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from William Morrow.

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