Book Review: ‘Margreete’s Harbor: A Novel’ By Eleanor Morse

The year is 1955 and Liddie and her husband Harry live in Michigan with their two kids Bernie and Eva. He is a school teacher and she plays and teaches the cello. Things are going good in their lives. Then they get a call that Liddie’s mother Margreete, who has memory issues, has burned her kitchen down. She lives by herself in Maine and refuses to go to a home. LIddie decides that her family should move back to Maine and live with her mother and take care of her. Harry doesn’t really want to but they end of moving. Her mother is not happy about it but it’s a done deal. We then follow the family through the year 1968 and each character goes through a lot of personal stuff as well. Harry feeling lost, Liddie struggling with being a mom and her music, Bernie has a secret and Eva has an issue at school. Then there’s also world events. JFK and Martin Luther King are killed, the Vietnam War and Margreete getting worse.

Author Eleanor Morse has written an engrossing novel about family and how they each deal with things in their lives. You become engaged in their lives and want to keep reading the book to see where they go. This book could be about any family that lived in those decades, maybe even your.

You can pick up Margreete’s Harbor in stores on Tuesday, April 20th from St. Martin’s Press.

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