Book Review: ‘Mardi Gras Murder’ Is The Next Fun Maggie Crozat Novel

I love a good fun mystery set in a small town with fun quirky characters. If you feel the same way pick up the new Cajun County Mystery by Ellen Byron titled Mardi Gras Murder, out on Tuesday, October 9th from Crooked Lane.

There’s been heavy rains and flooding in Pelican, Louisiana and a lot of damage has been done. On top of that it’s about to Mardi Gras time and regardless of the rains, the party must go on. The Crozat family B&B is currently empty awaiting the arrival of guests for Mardi Gras. A body is found on the property and it is assumed it was because of the weather. But it soon turns out it was a murder. And no one knows who this guy was. There was no identification and with the floods it hasn’t been a big priority.

Maggie is determined to find out who this guy was. With Mardi Gras festivities coming up she and her family are busy making plans. There’s the Gumbo competition which is a huge event for her dad. There’s the beauty contest Miss Pelican Mardi Gras that her Grandmother helps judge but she is sick. So Maggie is recruited to judge (something she does not want to do). And she and her boyfriend Bo are at a crossroads with their relationship.

Then another murder takes place. One of the judges is killed and Maggie is the one who finds the body (he ran into her car). It seems when death happens Maggie is there. She starts investigating on her own and comes up with lots of clues as to who it could be. The question the police and Maggie have are is it connected to the pageant or is it something else? Maggie soon figures it out and her life is put in jeopardy. Will she survive this time?

This is the fourth book by Ellen Byron with these characters and the first one I have read. Like I said about if you want a fun, family friendly story, than this is for you.

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