Book Review: ‘Marauder’ Is The Next Thrilling Oregon Files Novel From Clive Cussler And Boyd Morrison

In Australia the couple of April Jin and her husband Angus Polk are out of jail and receive a mysterious message from her late step-father. He has a job for them that pay them a lot of money. They have to finish a deadly mission that was started before his death. It’s to build and use a new plasma weapon and to create a new paralyzing gas.

After the events of the last book the Oregon is rebuilt and better than ever. And now the chairman of the corporation Juan Cabrillo is ready to take it out and give it a test run. The crew is back and ready as well. They’re in the waters not far from Australia when a distress call comes in and they’re rush to site to find the crew of one of the boats alive but paralyzed and unable to talk. And one of their own Murph is among the crew.

The Oregon is soon on the case looking for them and the antidote to save the people that have suffered from the gas. It involves and ancient mystery and battles at sea that may cost them their lives and their ship again.

This story starts off strong and never lets up. Like all the Oregon Files novels the reader is taken on an action packed ride and wants to keep reading to see what will happen. If you’ve never read one of these books they’re written like stand-alone novels with enough backstory to understand what’s going on. The late author Clive Cussler and his co-writers never disappoint.

You can pick up Marauder in stores now from Putnam.

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