Book Review: ‘Love & Saffron: A Novel Of Friendship, Food And Love’ By Kim Fay

Joan Bergstrom (27 years old) writes a fan letter to Imogen Fortier (59 years old) and she writes a column Pacific Nortwest magazine. Joan also sends a packet of Saffron for Imogen to use in her cooking. And then a beautiful friendship is started. They start writing letters back and force to each other. Some with recipes and ideas and then personal stuff. They become close and Imogen even goes and visits her. The story is all letters and interaction and shows how a friendship and love between two women can begin and grow. It only lasts three years before a tragedy strikes. It will make you hungry and the book will touch your heart.

You can pick up Love & Saffron in stores on Tuesday, February 8th from Putnam.

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