Book Review: ‘Love And Other Lies: A Novel’ By Ben McPherson

A family living in Norway and ready to return to their lives in the United States suddenly find their lives turned upside down. Cal and Elsa have been married now for seventeen years with three children (baby Franklin, and teenage girls Vee and Vera) and are still in love. A bomb has been exploded on a building in town. No one is sure who is responsible.

Vera is away on an island at school and there’s a shooting going on there. And when the smoke clears 91 are dead and Vera is missing. As the days and weeks go by there’s no sign of her and Cal and Elsa have to move on with their lives. But not all is well with them. Things keep happening and lies and deceptions are taking place. Vee has been acting strange as well.

As the secrets start to come out and more facts about what happened on that island start to reverberate and now Cal isn’t sure what’s happening to his family and when we learn Vera’s fate and the shocking fallout from it will forever change the lives of these people.

A page-turning novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat, right up to the last word on the last page.

You can pick up Love And Other Lies in stores on Tuesday, February 9th from William Morrow.

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