Book Review: ‘Lost In Paris: A Novel’ By Elizabeth Thompson

Hannah Bond lives in London and works as guide for a Jane Austin tour. She has two roommates and is single. Her mother Marla lives in Florida and Hannah likes it this way. She spends little time with her and doesn’t talk much with her. The don’t have the best relationship. When Hannah’s Grandmother recently passes away everything was left two them equally. Marla is going through her house and getting ready to sell. Then on New Year’s Eve Marla shows up in London with big news. She found an envelope with a key and deed to a secret Paris apartment that her great-grandmother owned and is now Hannah’s and Marlas. They head to Paris and indeed find the apartment and that they own it. The place hasn’t been lived in for years and they get it cleaned up and start digging into the past and find startling things about her life and past. And it leads to shocking reveals and an honest look at Marla’s life and relationship with Hannah. A well-written character story set in one of the best cities in the world Paris. The setting works great here and enhances the story a mother-daughter relationship story that you follow along with and invest in and romance stories on two fronts.

You can pick up Lost In Paris in stores on Tuesday, April 13th from Gallery.

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