Book Review: ‘Look For Me’ Is The Latest D.D. Warren Thriller

Lisa Gardner is back with her newest D.D. Warren thriller Look For Me, out Tuesday, February 6th,from Dutton. It’s her follow up to her #1 New York Times bestseller Right Behind You. It’s a story with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.

All D.D. Warren wanted on her Saturday was to go apple picking with her five year old son Jack and her husband Alex. They were also going to get their first dog (Jack and Alex wore D.D. down on the subject). Of course nothing ever goes right in the world of the Boston Sergeant Detective. Her phone rings and she’s off the scene of a homicide involving two adults and two children. There’s a fifth child Roxanna and two older dogs that are missing. The scene is gruesome with very few clues.

So did Roxanna do this or was it the work of a killer? The search is on to find her and get answers. Soon the dogs are found tied up at a coffee shop. No sign of Roxanna. The story also has the return of Flora Dane (she was in Find Her). She’s also on the case having survived a brutal rapist/kidnapper. She has an online community that she helps for people like her. It doesn’t make D.D. happy but Flora is finding clues and info the D.D. hasn’t found or thought of yet.

Soon Roxanna is found and we find out her side of things and through flashbacks of a school project of what went on with her and the family the last few years when they were taken away from their mother. Soon everything falls into place the rush is on to save people before the killer strikes again.

It’s your typical cops search for a killer story. No major twists and turns just a straight forward story with a look at how the foster system works (part of the story involves it). My first time reading a D.D. Warren story and she is a well-written, tough female leading character. Look forward to reading more stories with her.

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