Book Review: ‘Lock Every Door’ Is The Next Thrilling Riley Sager Novel

After last year’s awesome book The Last Time I Lied, author Riley Sager is back with Lock Every Door. A page-turning thriller that has the reader on the edge of their seat with lots of twists and turns right up to the very end of the novel. A perfect summer horror read that is eerie and scary.

So you see an ad on Craigslist that is pretty generic. You have lost your job and walked in on your boyfriend banging another girl. You are sleeping on the couch at your best friend Chloe’s place. You have a little over $500.00 in your bank account. Your name is Jules and you’re at the Bartholomew in New York. The legendary, mysterious apartment building where the rich and famous live. They are looking for an apartment sitter for 12A. The owner has died while the courts figure out who owns it now they need someone to live there. And it pays $4000.00 a month. Minimum of three months stay. Of course it’s not that simple. There are rules that must be obeyed. Very strict but easy rules. Jules is offered the apartment and she accepts.

On the surface things seem fine. Chloe is suspicious and sends her links to story on the place and the things that have happened over the years. The original owned jumping to his death from the roof. Murders and disappearances over the years. Jules is not deterred. She meets Ingrid who is apartment sitting in the apartment below here. They make a deal to meet everyday at noon for lunch. The next day Ingrid disappears without a word in the middle of the night. It’s not uncommon for sitters to just leave. But Jules thinks it is strange and goes on a mission to find her. She talks to Adam another sitter and he says a previous sitter left under mysterious circumstances not long ago.

Now Jules is investigating and finding out things that tell her she needs to flee. Before she can her worst nightmare comes true and the horrors of the Bartholomew have come back to claim her and she may not be able to escape the place alive.

The story starts with a horrible car crash and someone in the hospital and then flashes back to six days earlier and works it’s way forward up to the car crash and the aftermath. No one is who they seem and trust no one. And make sure to lock every door (even then it might not be enough).

You can pick up Lock Every Door in stores on Tuesday, July 2nd from Dutton.

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