Book Review: ‘Little Faith: A Novel’ By Nickolas Butler

The story of a family in rural Wisconsin near the Minnesota border. Lyle and his wife Peg have been together along time. Their daughter Shiloh has recently moved back home with her six year old son Isaac. Lyle and Peg are so happy to have them. Lyle is the dotting Grandfather with Isaac. Shiloh is their adopted daughter as the child they had years ago didn’t survive and they never had any other kids.

Since Shiloh has been gone she has gotten really religious and regularly attends a service lead by Steven, a man she has become involved with. Lyle long ago lost his faith (if he ever had it). He goes to church on Sunday’s but his heart really isn’t into it. His good friend is the pastor at the church. His best friend Hoot is having medical issues. It turns out he has an aggressive form of cancer and doesn’t have a long time left. This devastates Lyle and Peg and they do everything they can to help him.

They soon learn the depths of Shiloh’s involvement with religion and learn that Shiloh and Steven believe that little Isaac can heal people. This alarms Lyle and Peg and Lyle goes to great lengths to try and protect his family. If may cost him his daughter and grandson (who becomes very sick) and Lyle will do whatever it takes to protect them.

It’s a story of family,love, friends, religion and faith. Every person has their own beliefs in regards to religion and prayers and author Nikolas Butler does a good job straddling the line the book is not too preachy one way or the other.

Be warned that most of the book is great but one part was a big let down for me. That being said it’s still an enjoyable read and you can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, March 5th from Morrow.

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