Book Review: ‘Lies We Bury: A Novel’ By Elle Marr

For Claire it’s all about trying to forget her past and live in the present for today. When she was a young child (20 years ago) she was held captive along with her sisters and her mother in a basement by a crazy man. She lives in Portland now is a photographer and has gotten some freelance jobs and is working witht he local Portland paper. When a string of murders start taking place, they seem familar. She’s left notes telling her they are about to happen and with clues. Then she learns the man who held them captive is about to get out of jail. As CLaire continues to work and investigate, her past comes back to haunt her and soon she’s a major suspect in these gruesome murders. But Claire won’t be detained and it leads to a shocking reveal of who the real murderer is.

A solid thriller, with some well timed twists and turns, that you do not see coming. You can pick up Lies We Bury in stores on Thursday, April 1st.

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