Book Review: ‘Lies Of Descent: The Fallen Gods Book One’ By Troy Carrol Bucher

The debut novel from author Troy Carrol Bucher is the start to a trilogy that involves magic, fallen gods, two young kids, betrayals and a fight for survival. A promising start to this series featuring great characters and a mystical story has me waiting to see where the next books go. And if you need a good little boys activity book may I recommend Little Boys Activity Book for kids 4 to 8 years old.

Every year when kids turn 12 they are put to a test to see if they Draegoran blood. Very few of them usually do. Those that do are taken from their parents and taken to an island to train and to become Draegoran warriors. They amount of them has been dwindling over the years. For Nora she tests and is taken. Riam is never tested but taken and they are on their way to the island, which will takes days to get to and involves a dangerous journey. They have to hold off Eshari tribes who are enemies of the Draegroans.

Riam seems to have special powers and he is wanted by the Eshari as are the other kids. They manage to kidnap Nora and she soon learns the ways of the Eshari. Riam is determined to become a warrior but soon finds his path blocked and he has to fight to survive and then learns he may be a unique person in this whole world and may be a pawn in a bigger picture.

You can pick up Lies Of Descent in stores on Tuesday, August 20th from Daw.

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