Book Review: ‘Lies’ Is A Great Debut Novel

T.M. Logan’s debut thriller is a psychological story with tons of twists and turns you don’t see coming. It takes the reader on a ride right from the beginning and doesn’t let up until the shocking reveal. Kudos for author Logan for a riveting story and I look forward to more books from him in the future.

It was six days ago when things were fine between Joe and his wife Mel. They have their son Will, their jobs and their house. The perfect couple. Or so he thought. While driving home with Will he spots his wife’s car pulling into a hotel. He has no idea why she is there. They decide to stop and surprise her and say hi. They go in and he sees her in an intimate setting with Ben, the husband of her close friend. Joe leaves and wonders what’s going on. He waits to see if when she waits and she pulls out before he can say anything to him. He sees Ben and confronts him and a punch and a shoving match ensues. He leaves Ben on the ground in a puddle of blood.

Joe has to leave because Ben is having an asthma attack and he needs to get him an inhaler. He goes back to check on him and finds he is gone so he assumes he is okay. Joe has also lost his cell phone and a bracelet. Joe calls Ben to say sorry but never hears from him. Soon he sees posts on his social media that Ben must have posted and he gets calls from him. Ben is missing now. His wife claims he came home after the incident and was abusive and packed clothes and left.

The police are alerted that Ben is missing (now going on a few days). Joe is questioned and is a person of interest as the police seem to think something more is going on and Ben may be a victim of foul play. When the school Joe teaches at sees the pictures on social media and find out he’s been to the police and might be involved he is suspended.

Mel also tells him about things that have happened with Ben (after denying at first). Ben’s wife is a mess. Joe keeps getting messages from Ben. The police keep investigating and soon arrest Joe for Ben’s murder even though there isn’t a body. Joe goes on offense and decides he needs to find Ben and clear his name. As he digs he finds things aren’t what they seem and soon learns the shocking truth about what exactly is going on.

You can pick up Lies in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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