Book Review: ‘Leverage In Death’ Is The Next Exciting Eve Dallas Thriller

The 47th book in her Eve Dallas in death series if Leverage In Death. This time Eve has to find people that are threatening families to do their dirty work and having bombs go off. So far 18 plus people have died because of these people and she has to stop them before anymore die.

It all started on a Monday morning when Paul Rogan walked into a board meeting for a big merger strapped with a bomb and killed himself and a lot of the people at the meeting. When his wife and daughter are found after being threatened Eve figures out why Paul did it. His family was everything to him and he wanted to try and save them. Soon Eve finds this a pattern and is at a loss for who might be responsible. She knows why for money and greed.

Soon the whole team is working on the case including her husband Roarke (he always seems to get involved) due to his intense criminal background. When more murders and explosions are happening Eve is at her wits ends trying to find clues and solve the case. Soon she gets the break she needs and is hot on the trail of potential suspects.

On a side story her journalist friend Nadine is up for an Oscar for the book/screenplay she wrote involving Eve. There’s some LOL moments involving this whole thing with Eve, Roarke and Peabody. One good thing author J.D. Robb does is have some LOL moments throughout each story usually involving Eve, Peabody and just about everyone around her. Eve is a complicated woman, intense woman.

There’s a reason this is the 47th book in the series. They are enjoyable thrillers with really well-written characters that you feel like your friends with after reading so many of the stories. If you’ve never read one before hop right in. There’s enough backstory on each character so you know who is who and what is going on.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 4th.

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