Book Review: ‘Let It Snow’ Is A Delightful Christmas Story Set On Nantucket Island

Author Nancy Thayer is back with her newest novel set on Nantucket Island. It’s her first one since 2014 and it’s a delightful rom-com with compelling characters and a great setting on the island during Christmas time and the people that have lived their all their lives. Fans of romantic-comedy and good old fashioned love-stories will enjoy this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

For Christina Antonioni and her three fellow small business owners on the island it is time for their busy season. Christmas time and the summer are when they’re business’s make the most money. They make just enough each year to get by. There’s a new owner of their properties Oscar Bittlesman and they’re worried they may get a rent increase or worst. They have all been in business for many years.

Christina notices a young girl in her store and sees the signs of a potential shoplifter and notices she takes something. She confronts nine year old Wink and she gives a sob story about her parents getting divorced and she wants to have a good Christmas. Christina offers her a deal to help her in the shop in exchange for what she wants. Her and her friends make a bag of gifts for Wink, who returns the next day to work. Well come to find out Wink is part of the Bittlesman family, a very rich family, whose patriarch Oscar lives on the island. Wink is on the island with her mother, who is divorcing her father and brother Andy.

She soon meets Andy and it is love at first site. Well at least for him. Christina isn’t looking for anyone but finds herself smitten with Andy. But he doesn’t live her full-time as he works for the family business in New York. He now wants to live her all the time and falls hard for Christina, who still isn’t sure it would work. Then when Oscar sends a notice that the rents of the four will be going up 10 percent, it causes panic. None of the four can afford this. So Christina goes to war with Oscar and worries it could affect things with Andy.

She and the other three pull out all the stops and Christina decides not to let it interfere with Andy and it might just be a truly Merry Christmas for all involved.

You can pick Let It Snow in stores on Tuesday, October 15th from Ballantine Books.

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