Book Review: ‘Let Her Lie: A Novel’ By Bryan Reardon

Theo Synder hit it big in Hollywood with his first documentary. He was the toast of the town until a scandal knocked him down. He’s ready to do his next documentary and try to regain his reputation. He wants to do it on The Halo Killer, a man named Jasper Ross Johnson, who is currently in prison in Delaware. Theo reaches out to Jasper and finds him receptive and they meet. Theo is excited about this and gets his team together. As they research and get into the project things start to fall apart. Jasper keeps leaving hints about stuff and things don’t add up about him. When he escapes from prison, things take a dramatic turn and soon Theo finds his life on the line and he’s not sure who he can trust or what is real. Along the way we see the documentary being written and the only thing that may remain is how it will end.

A solid thriller with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout the novel.

You can pick up Let Her Lie in stores now from Crooked Lane.

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