Book Review: ‘Legacy’ A Nora Roberts Novel

It was a fateful day when she was seven and met her father for the first time. He was drunk and abusive and he died. And Adrian Rizzo witnessed it all. And now all these years later it still plays a part in her life. She went on to be a sucessful woman making yoga and workout videos (much like her mother). She has left New York City and moved to be with her Grandfather in Maryland. And she’s gotten her friends to move there as well. Things should be great for her but they’re not. Every year she gets a poem that threatens her. And now they’re coming more often. And there’s a list of women that are to be killed and they’re being found dead. It all has to do with her late father and someone is closing in on her. As she starts to find love things should be looking up for her. The only question is will she be next?

As per normal with her spring releases, it’s a character-driven story with family at it’s heart and love along the way. Throw in a muder mystery and it’s a well-rounded story, as only Nora Roberts can write.

You can pick up Legacy in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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