Book Review: ‘Law And Addiction’ Is A Great Legal Thriller

Author Mike Papantonio is a real life lawyer who has taken on the big companies like Tobacco and Big Pharma. He uses this to write his novels. His latest takes on Big Pharma over the opioids in a small West Virginia community but as a case to bring it to light as a big problem in the country.

Jake Rutledge is about to graduate from Law School and start his new career. His twin brother Blake is suppose to be there to celebrate with him. Only days earlier Blake died of a drug overdose. He had been using for a while. Jake returns home and finds his brother is not the only one with a problem and the town has a big problem. Jake decides he is going to take on the pharmaceutical companies with a class action lawsuit. He gets a couple of counties to sign on. He then gets another lawyer to help him out and then a big firm also agrees to help him out.

Now he must face off against the big corporate lawyers these companies have. He also has to go against a conservative judge. But they have done their homework and are winning at each step so far. Soon bribes, death threats and a plot against Jake to make it seem like he is a drug addict himself put his life and his case at jeopardy.

This is a great legal novel with a stellar story and a hero in Jake. He is determined to get this case done and avenge his brother’s death and all the others that are suffering. Author Mike Papantonio being a lawyer really makes reading this book very realistic. It took the reader on a journey and it showed how hard lawyers really have to work on their cases. You root for Jake and the team to win this case.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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