Book Review: ‘Last Woman Standing’ Is A Psychological Story With Lots Of Twists

Dana Diaz has moved to Austin from Los Angeles to continue working on her standup career. After an incident in LA and a fallout with her best friend/business partner Jason, she’s determined to continue her career here. She works be day and at night does standup and is entered in a big contest coming up. At one of her shows she meets Amanda Dorn, who is a computer programmer and has recently lost her job. Dana doesn’t usually take to strangers and other woman but they bond over their mutual bad recent luck,

Amanda makes her make a pact with each other that they will have each others backs and go after each others assailants that have wronged them. Dana says okay not thinking much about it. Then Amanda calls and says she has taken care of the first person for Dana and it is now her turn. Dana is shocked but goes along with it and they do this a couple of times until Dana realizes that this is getting out of control and tries to stop. Amanda won’t let her. Dana after coming in second in a Comedy Contest has gotten some pub and interest and heads out to LA for meetings and auditions. She sees Jason again and they work out their issues. But Dana won’t let her off the hook. Her next and final target is Jason. Dana tells her to back off but Amanda seems to always be one step ahead.

When Dana tells Jason about her he confesses they were an item for a short time and she was crazy. They decide to try and turn the tables on her but everything is not as it seems and soon Dana learns shocking secrets and everything she believed and thought may now turn out to be lies and she has to fight for her life and freedom.

A psychological thriller, with lots of twists and turns you don’t see coming and a battle of wills between two woman, who both want to be the alpha. It will keep you guessing right through the end to the last page.

You can pick up Last Woman Standing in stores on Tuesday, January 15th.

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