Book Review: ‘Last Instructions’ Tells The Story Of Agent 10483 And Why Everyone Is After Him

Nothing I love better then a thriller with a super agent in the vain of James Bond, Jason Bourne and every other stud agent ever had had a book written about them. In his follow up to Three Envelopes, Author Nir Hezroni continues the story of Agent 10483 and the secret Israel intelligence agency group known as The Organization.

Almost 10 years in a coma and now Agent 10483 has woken up with only one thing on his mind….REVENGE. The Organization is a secret Israeli intelligence agency that handles situations off the grid. To become a member is almost impossible. Only the best of the best. Agent 10483 was hired to do three jobs and then had it implanted in his brain to die. He jumped in front of a bus but somehow survived as a John Doe all these years.

Now that he is awake and has a new plan, his one goal is to bring down The Organization once and for all. He sets his plans in motion and heads for South America to retrieve a nuclear warhead only he knows where it is. He is cunning, smart and above all motivated to carry this to the end.

The Organization is shocked when they discover he’s still alive and set out to find him and silence for good. It’s a race to who will outsmart who first in a battle to the death that could expose The Organization and end it once and for all.

A thrilling read from page one up to the climatic ending. I didn’t read the first book (and I wish I had). The character of 10483 is a pure joy and the story moves quickly and flawlessly and will keep you turning the pages until you realize that you are almost done with the book.

You can pick up Last Instructions in stores on Tuesday, May 22 from St. Martin’s Press.

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