Book Review: ‘Last Girl Ghosted: A Novel’ By Lisa Unger

Wren met Adam via a dating app for hookups. But they didn’t hook up right away. They dated and then hooked up and she told him a secret about her past…one she never told anyone else. Then he vanished…he ghosted her. At first she was mad and then didn’t really care until a P.I. showed up that has been investigating Adam and a missing girl. She sooned learned that he was not what he said. She soon learns he knew more about her before they met. She has many secrets and he seemed to know them. He would still send her cryptic texts and messages. No matter what she did she couldn’t find him and even joined up the P.I. But the true way to find him is to revisit her past…one she hoped she would never have to deal with again. But secrets and lies always have away of coming out and now Wren’s life is in danger and she will need to use what she thought she put away to save herself.

Lisa Unger writes the best thrillers and this one is right up there with her previous novels. Lots of twists and turns keep this story moving right along so you won’t want to put it down.

You can pick up Last Girl Ghosted in stores on Tuesday, October 5th from Park Row.

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