Book Review: ‘Lark! The Herald Angels Sing’ Is The Next Fun Meg Langslow Mystery

It was just in August when I read my first Meg Langslow mystery and really enjoyed it. Not author Donna Andrews is back with her with her next Christmas novel with Meg Langslow. It’s a fun holiday mystery with your favorite characters in this quirky, fun town full of colorful people you won’t find anywhere else. Meg Langslow mysteries are fun for the whole family,

It’s Christmas time in Caerphilly and everyone is getting in the spirit. Meg is in charge of the Christmas pageant at the church and is in production on it. Robyn has had her baby (she was pregnant in the last book). When Meg goes to check on the baby in the manger a baby. And no one knows who she belongs to. Someone has left the baby with a note saying she couldn’t take care of it and hinted it might belong to Meg’s brother Rob. Meg ends up watching the baby and DNA tests are being done. This is making Rob’s life miserable as his girlfriend Delaney is pissed about this. Rob swears it’s not his.

When the mother of the baby shows up she explains what is going on. Her husband is in trouble with the next town over Clay County. There’s shady things going on there and her husband Mark is missing and being framed for things he didn’t do. Soon the men of Caerphilly try to take action and it’s up to Meg and the women to take action and get things fixed once and for all.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, October 16.

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