Book Review: ‘Knock Knock: A Novel’ By Anders Roslund

The first solo book from author Anders Roslund is a thrill-ride, action-packed, as good they come novel. It starts off strong and never lets up. With some well-timed twists, you won’t be able to put this one down.

It was 17 years ago when Inspector Ewan Grens had to investigate a shocking murder scene. Four members of one family where all found dead in their home, shot in the head. One 5 year old girl survived and was placed into protective care and given a new identity. Now another murder has taken place in the same building, in the same style. Ewan re-opens the old case and they tie together. Soon more dead bodies pop-up that are tied to the old case. And now he needs to find the girl before it’s too late for her.

Piet Hoffman was a snitch for many years. He did his time in jail and now tries to lead simple life with his wife and three kids. But someone is on to him now. He receives a letter telling him his cover is blown and if he doesn’t do what he’s told, his family and his own future are in jeopard. He re-teams with Grens and together they try and find the mole in the police station and the person threatening Hoffman. And then it all leads to a shocking showdown and the reveal of who is in charge.

You can pick up Knock Knock in stores on Tuesday, January 19 from Putnam.

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