Book Review: ‘Kit McBride Gets A Wife: A Novel’ By Amy Barry

The year is 1886 and the setting is Bucks Creek, Montant, in the old west. The McBride family consists of four brothers and a young sister Junebug, who is the maid, cook and everything else. Their Ma died and their Pa took off and they run a successful trading post. June is fed up with doing all the work and decides to order a mail order bride for Kit. In St. Louis Mrs. Willabelle Lascalles, is widowed and hires a maid named Maddy, who she doesn’t pay, and then Willabelle is kicked out of the family home, replies to June’s ad for Kit and takes off with Maddy, to be ‘married’ to Kit. Once there Willabelle thinks she found someone better and takes off leaving Maddy there. Maddy had met June earlier and they knew who each other was. Maddy goes to the McBride house hoping to get her pay and money for a train. She hurts her leg and then a snowstorm hits and the brothers think she is Willabelle and neither June or Maddy correct this mistake right away. Maddy and Kit fall for each other until the truth comes out and now they may be doomed. Another fun rom-com, with well-written, fun characters and a story in which you root for Kit and Maddy and really enjoy the character of Junebug, who is the star of this novel. Fans of this genre with be happy with this novel.

You can pick up Kit McBride Gets A Wife in stores on Tuesday, August 23rd from Berkley.

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