Book Review: ‘Kissing Games’ Is A Great Novel Looking At Teenagers And Young Love In High School

by | May 24, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

I think most of us remember High School. The clicks, the boys, the girls, the teachers, young love, your first kiss and any little thing could shun you for the rest of your life (or at least through High School). Author Tara Eglinton does a great job of looking at all of this and more in new novel Kissing Game. Everything you may have lived through in High School is expertly covered in this Young Adult novel.

The perfect kiss is what 16 year old Aurora Skye is wanting with Hayden. She has known him for years (he lives next store). Now that they both are in High School they are taking that next step and possibly becoming a couple. But the kiss ends with them both in the emergency room (a funny story). And because it’s high school the whole school learns about it. Their second date ends with them covered in chocolate and ice cream. So far this romance is off to a rocky start.

Aurora has this dating service that she is working on that should be able to find you the perfect mate. Her friend Jelena is running for Class President with an offbeat platform against her ex Alex and one other person. She has volunteered Aurora’s matchmaking service as part of her campaign. It results in some interesting pairings and will prove if it will work or not.

Aurora has other issues when her wayward Mom is back in town and her new age Dad is being more new age than normal. And then there’s the teen angst with Hayden with her being insecure and not sure where they stand, even when he keeps telling her he loves her and wants to be with her. Between her Mom, her Dad, her friends and Hayden, everything is getting to be much for Aurora and it may force her to make choices she wouldn’t make. Owe to be a 16 year old girl!

You can pick up Kissing Games in stores on Tuesday, June 5, from Wednesday Books (St. Martin’s Press).