Book Review: ‘Kismet: A Novel’ Looks At How An Online Dating Site Can Influence A Woman’s Life

A lot of people are quick to embrace new technology and apps. Some people like me resist and only do the basics. Yes I do social media but I hate it. I barely download apps and certainly don’t like to give my info out unless I have to. For 29 year old (soon to be 30) Anna it turns out the online dating app Kismet will be her undoing.

Anna and Pete have been together a long time. They both have an identical score of 70 according to the dating site Kismet. Anna is going to be turning 30 in a few weeks and she knows that Pete is going to be proposing to her. She’s freaking out about it whether they are right as a couple. She has been back on Kismet looking for potential matches. It shows you what scores you and a potential date have. It notifies you when someone is close by if you just want to meet someone. She has been meeting a couple of guys randomly that have good scores. She’s also thinking about having a one night stand before her birthday and then quitting Kismet.

Things at her job are going good. She just a plum writing assignment for a new series on women. She will interview top women in their fields. She also has been matched with an 81 on Kismet to a guy named Geoff (who is a bit older than she is). She starts seeing him and sleeping with him behind Pete’s back. Anna is also having emotional issues dealing with turning 30 and with Pete. But all in all things seem to be going good.

Until they don’t. Issues at her job, problems with Pete, a confession from Geoff and suddenly her world is turned upside down. And it can all be traced back to Kismet. Anna must find the strength inside herself to rise up and reclaim her world.

A fascinating look at the online dating, how it can influence and control your life and how a milestone can affect your life. They say turning 18, 30, 40, 50 can be milestones in your life. And they can be. How you let it affect you is up to you. But the dangers of life online can also play a big part in your life. Sometimes I wish for a simpler life when I grew up and we had only 3 TV channels and a rotary phone.

This is author Like Tredget’s debut novel and it is a great debut. A timely topic with flawed, interesting characters. It gives you a glimpse into the world of technology and online dating. Good or bad both are her to stay and get more profound. I look forward to more novels in the future from Luke.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, August 7th from Little Brown.

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