Book Review: ‘Kill All Your Darlings: A Novel’ By David Bell

Author David Bell has done it again..he’s written another thrilling, twisty novel with a great story and well-written characters. He always tops what he’s done previously (and I love his previous novels). It starts off strong and never lets up. A great Summer read.

English Professor Conner Nye is coming out of his funk, after he lost his wife and teenage son a few years ago. He published his first novel, which has become a success and made tenure. He returns home from a book signing and something is wrong. A mysterious woman is in his house. At first he doesn’t know who she is and then he does. It’s a student that went missing two years ago and she is the author of his book. It was her thesis when she vanished. Conner took it and fine tuned it and got it published. And now she wants all the money from it or she will tell everyone. It contains information in the novel about a brutal unsolved murder from two years ago and now the police are questioning Conner about it (since he wrote the book). Then another murder happens and now Conner is the prime suspect. Things are getting way out of control and Conner thinks the people he trusts can help him but he’s in for a big surprise. When he finds evidence that he thinks can clear him, he thinks he’s in the clear but there’s a lot more to what happened to these two women and Conner may not be around long enough to get the truth out.

You can pick up Kill All Your Darlings in stores on Tuesday, July 6th from Berkley.

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