Book Review: ‘Just My Type: A Novel’ By Falon Ballard

Lana Parker is having a tough time. On the fourth anniversary of dating Evan, she expects a ring, he dumps her. Then she gets really drunk, and has to go to a meeting the next morning. She writes a column about dating and relationships, and her company has been sold. And in walks Evan, her ex-boyfriend from high school, who broke her heart. He’s been hired for an assignment for the new company, and when it comes out they used to be together, they’re given a task to write 10 challenges the other has to do, and the fans will vote who wins, via their columns. As they spend time together, they start to piece together the past, and figure out they still care for each other. But is that enough to overcome the hurt, and this job they have to do. This is a great rom-com, with everything you want…two people you root for, a strong story, and a chance at second love. This will be one of my favorite rom-coms this year.

You can pick up Just My Type in stores now from Putnam.

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