Book Review: ‘Jackpot: A Teddy Fay Novel’ By Stuart Woods And Bryon Quertermous

Book 5 of the Teddy Fay novels find Teddy, Stone, Dino, Peter and Ben at the Macau film festival in China. Blackmail threats have been made against Peter and Ben with a fake video having been made. Stone wants Teddy to find out who is behind it. They all leave and Teddy remains and begins his investigation. He finds it involves a rich American casino owner, who has sway with some in Washington, a CIA agent who works with Lance, an ex-gangster, a mysterious woman and a Chinese woman that is suppose to testify against the Chinese for the American government and then be taken to America. Teddy finds himself in many situations with is life and that of the others working with him in danger. But Teddy being Teddy will stop at nothing until he figures everything out.

I love these Teddy Fay stand-alone novels and this one is okay. It’s not as good as the previous four and I am not sure exactly why. Maybe it was the setting in China or that Stone and the other characters are not in it very much. Still Teddy is a bad-ass and he’s adventures are still always fun to read.

You can pick up Jackpot in stores on Tuesday, June 1st from Putnam.

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