Book Review: ‘It Had To Be You: A Novel’ By Georgia Clark

It Had To Be You is a thoroughly enjoyable rom-com from author Georgia Clark. It has great diverse characters, interesting stories and great human relationships that you invest in and follow along with. For Liv the day is like any other she’s doing her job as a wedding planner for the company In Love In New York, that she owns with her husband Eliot. Only he’s away at this time and everything is going wrong. Then she gets a call from a mysterious woman that he’s dead. And then Liv finds out he left his half of the business to the woman, his mistress, named Savannah, who has moved to NY from Kentucky to work with Liv. She’s a spitfire and won’t take no for an answer. Then we also follow along with Liv’s friends including a gay couple where he’s older and doesn’t want to get married, a server who falls for an A-List movie star who has been burned before and keeps their relationship quiet, DJ and member of his band who form a secret pact but fall in love and Savannah herself who struggles with her sexuality. And for Liv maybe love again. We follow along with all of them through the ups and downs and just who will remain together by the end.

You can pick up It Has To Be You in stores on Tuesday, May 4th from Atria.

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