Book Review: ‘Ink & Sigil: From The World Of The Iron Druid Chronicles’ By Kevin Hearne

A spin-off series from his Iron Druid Chronicles starts off strong for author Kevin Hearne. Al MacBharrais is one of five Sigil agents in the world, who can use ink and his powers to help with his job. He’s responsible for treaties with gods and other supernatural creatures coming to earth. Al is also cursed twice by some mysterious force. He’s had seven apprentices and they have all ended up dead. If he talks to someone for too long something happens to them. So he has to use a voice app to communicate.

After his latest apprentice Gordie’s death he finds a goblin named Buck Foi in a cage and learns that Gordie was dealing with trafficking of magical creatures and other shady things. So Al and Buck team up to try and find out what and who Gordie was working with and put an end to what he was doing. As they investigate they have to deal with people that don’t want Al to find out what is going on. It takes them to places and people he wouldn’t normally associate with to come up with the truth.

I haven’t read of of Kevin’s books before this one. It’s a lot of magical fun. The characters and the story are well-written (and often funny). This might one of the best duo’s since The Robot and Doctor Smith on the old Lost In Space TV Show.

You can pick up Ink & Sigil in stores on Tuesday, August 25th from Del Rey.

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