Book Review: ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ Might Be The Best Book You Read All Spring

The Brennan family has been through a lot the last few years. Dad Finn, wife Bridget, their 16 year old son Jarrah and 3 year old Toby. They have moved to a new place (after Finn kissed his wife’s best friend a few times). Bridget’s mother is in a home and barely remembers things. Finn is struggling with his identity and doesn’t have many new friends. But they are a family and things seem to be going okay now. Finn has been working on his art and may have some buyers. Bridget has a good Government job. And Finn adores his little brother.

But tragedy strikes one morning. And now a family is shattered and torn apart. Just who is to blame? When the police and state’s attorney decide to make an example of what happens someone is arrested and determined to take the fall. But what really happened and who is responsible? And can the family let themselves grieve enough to move on?

The story is a truly emotional one and make sure to have kleenex handy. It took the author Jesse Blackadder 42 years to write this story as something similar happened to her when she was young. And you can tell in the writing of this story how personal it was to here. Tragedy and grief can tear a person apart if you don’t allow yourself to grieve. I found I couldn’t put the book down until it was over. A real page-turning, emotionally wrenching story that may be one of the best all year.

You can pick it up in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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