Book Review: ‘In Peppermint Peril: A Book Tea Shop Mystery’ Is A Fun Debut Of A New Series

Joy Avon kicks off a new series in a fun way with In Peppermint Peril: A Book Tea Shop Mystery. It’s Christmas season and Callie Aspen is back in town with her adorable Boston Terrier dog, in Heart’s Harbor Maine, where she grew up. She’s helping out her great Aunt Iphy at her tearoom Book Tea. They have a job today to help cater a party at Haywood Hall (a legendary mansion) owned by 93 year old Dorothea Finste. Callie is very familiar with the place having spent a lot of time there in her life.

Dorothea is going to make a big announcement. Also there is Sheila (an old friend and rival) who married Stephen (who Callie once was in love with). She has a plan to get her daughter Amber engaged at the party to Ben. She plants a family ring worth a lot of money in the cake and for Ben to get it and propose. When Ben cuts the cake, the ring is gone. Someone has stole it. They Dorothea starts to make her announcement and there’s a scream. The body of the butler/caretaker Leadenby is found with a knife in his chest. He was a cantankerous old man who rubber people the wrong way.

The police are called and deputy Sheriff Falk has the case (his first murder case). Callie decides she’s going to help investigate it as well. People are interviewed and some are taken in but let go. Callie continues to investigate and soon gets threatening messages to back off. She’s also getting closer to Falk who’s single like her. As they get closer to the truth, secrets are revealed and Callie’s life is in jeopardy.

A fun story with some twists and turns set in a small Maine town with new beginnings for a number of people and maybe love even found. Plus a fun dog always makes for an enjoyable story.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, November 13 from Crooked Lane.

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