Book Review: ‘In Five Years: A Novel’ By Rebecca Serle

Where do you think you will be in five years? It’s a common question people will be asked in a job interview or just about life in general. For New York lawyer Dannie Cohan it takes on a whole new meaning. Things are going really good for her. She’s got a hot boyfriend who is about to propose, a great best friend Bella, and is up for a new job at a law firm she’s always wanted to work for. She has a job interview and feels like she will get the job.

She accepts her boyfriend’s proposal and feels like she aced the interview. When she goes to bed that night then she wakes up everything is different. She’s in a strange bed, in a strange apartment with a strange man she has never seen before. Then she has sex with him. Then she sees the date is five years from now, December 15th 2025. Then Dannie wakes up again.

Things are what they should be. Then the story progresses over the years. Dannie got the job, has moved to a new place with her finance and still isn’t married. The dream affects her almost everyday. As time ticks down and she meets the man from her dream and is shocked as to who he is. She tries to get herself married but her job is very demanding. The story takes a shocking twist and he question she has to wonder is if this vision is meant to happen or can she change the destiny she saw before it’s too late?

A solid story of fate, friendship and love that runs the gambit of emotions. Does Dannie just have a crazy dream/vision or is it her future and does she have the power to change things or is it destiny. The question we all have to ask ourselves is if we could see the future would we want to?

You can pick up In Five Years in stores on Tuesday, March 10th from Atria.

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