Book Review: ‘In Dog We Trust’ Is The Next Fun Black Dog Bay Book

Author Beth Kendrick is back with her newest novel In Dog We Trust set in Black Dog Bay, Delaware. It follows the previous two stories Once Upon A Wine and Put A Ring On It. This one puts the people on the poorer side of town with the richer summer people and the two sides usually don’t mix well.

For 27 year old Jocelyn Hilliard being in the wrong place at the right time ends up changing her life. She is off for a run through the richer part of town when she sees an older man and his dogs. One of the dogs sees another dog and runs after it into the street. Just then a car is screeching down the street aiming right for the dogs. She manages to pull them out of the way just in time. Chris is one of the summer people from the rich part of town. He’s also hot and asks Joeclyn out. She says not he’s not her type.

Mr. Allardyce is the owner of one of the dogs almost hit. He has three dogs that are show dogs. He hires Joeclyn right there on the spot to come and walk and help take care of the dogs. He’s a cranky, rich man. Jocelyn works with her mother in town with their own business running a laundry service.

Forward seven months and Chris and Jocelyn are happy and he’s taking her to Paris even though after she hears things about him from his sister Fiona. This makes her question their relationship but she still loves him until he just ends it and breaks her heart. Mr. Allardyce is still cranky and Jocelyn is loving the dogs. He has a mysterious visitor one day (another hunky man). And then he passes away from a heart attack. She finds out he left everything to his dogs and name Jocelyn as the guardian to the dogs and everything else he owns. And to top it off one of the pups Hester is about to give birth to he puppies.

The mysterious man is Liam and he’s the biological son and never really had much contact with his father. He’s left nothing but a tree in the will. He decides he’s going to sue over the will. And to also complicate matters the woman who is in charge of the dogs for dog shows is suing, claiming she was suppose to be the guardian of the dogs.

Jocelyn isn’t going to take this and she is fighting back. She and Liam become close and this suit may end up coming between them. Can she keep the dogs, the house and fight off these lawsuits and maybe find a decent man in Liam?

These Black Dog Bay books are a lot of fun. There romantic comedies with a lot of fun humor thrown in. Throw in dogs and you have a hit with me for this latest installment. I for one look forward to more adventures on the shore.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, January 8th.

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