Book Review: ‘In Cold Chamomile’ Is The Next Fun Tea And A Read Mystery By Joy Avon

This time around it’s Valentine’s Day and Callie Aspen is helping with a big event at Haywood Hail. Included is her Tea Room, a Symphony with a well known singer and a TV personality Mr. King, who buys rare books. Things are going fine until Aunt Iphy sees the singer is an old flame named Sean Strong. He wasn’t scheduled to be the singer, he claims the man hired is sick. This shakes up Iphy.

Mr. King is found dead and Deputy Ace Flak, Callie’s boyfriend, shows up to investigate and warns Callie to stay out of it. Callie has helped solve two previous murders. After the murder Peggy is seen fleeing the event crying. Sean soon becomes the prime suspect when someone comes forward and says they saw him arguing with Mr. King before he died. He’s arrested and going to be charged.

Iphy knows he’s innocent and Callie helps her to try and prove it. Even though she was asked to stay out it, they investigate. They soon learn a lot more about Mr. King and some of the other people that potential suspects. Soon someone’s life is in jeopardy when the killer is revealed.

Also there are new development in the relationships of Callie and Ace and Peggy and Quinn.

Book number 3 in Tea And A Read series is another fun novel set in Heart’s Harbor, Maine. The characters are interesting and well-written and the stories easy to read. And with relationships at cross-roads, it will be interesting to see where author Joy Avon goes next.

You can pick up In Cold Chamomile in stores on Tuesday, February 11th from Crooked Lane.

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