Book Review: ‘In Another Life: A Novel’ Finds Two Young People Trying To Figure Out The Truth

From the moment 17 years old Cash and Chloe (both almost 18) meet they feel drawn to each other in Joyful, Texas. Chloe is living with her mother, who is divorce from her dad for many years now. There’s still bitterness between on her part. Cash has been in the foster care system for a few years after his horrible father was killed (he use to rob people people and made Cash drive). Cash learned a lot from him. Now he lives with Mr. and Mrs. Fuller who love him like a real son. They lost their daughter when she was three (no one knows what really happened to her).

When Cash sees Chloe he’s struck by how much she looks like the Fuller’s missing girl. They grow close even though they both have trust issues. He soon tells her about the Fullers daughter and they go on a search together to find out if maybe Chloe is that girl (she was adopted not long after the little girl went missing). The more they dig the closer they get to a truth that someone would rather stay hidden. It puts their lives in danger until they learn what the shocking truth is all about.

This book is considered part of the YA (Young Adult world) and I am so not in that age group. That being said it was a great novel (goes to show age doesn’t matter). It’s a good look at young love (and the angst and issues that go along with it), the foster care system, trust and opening yourself up to other people after being burned before. You root big-time for the characters of Chloe and Cash and that is the mark of a good writer to make you want them to overcome.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, March 26 from Wednesday books (St. Martin’s Press).

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