Book Review: ‘In An Instant’ Is An Intense Novel Dealing With A Tragic Accident

Inspired by an actual event in her life, author Suzanne Redfearn has written an intense story of tragic loss and the after-effects of what people have to go through when dealing with the tragedy. Everyone reacts differently and this book shows the gambits of emotion from all sides and the emotions hit the reader as you read it.

It’s a family weekend getaway with the dysfunctional Miller family to the mountains and the family cabin. Finn (16 years old), brother Oz (13 year old with a psychological issue), sister Chloe (almost 18), dad Jack and mother Ann. Along with Aunt Karen, husband Bob, their daughter Natalie, family friend Mo, Chloes boyfriend and their family dog. They arrive at the cabin and then leave to go to dinner. On the way down the mountain the weather is getting bad and a deer is in the street and Jack looses control of the vehicle and it ends up going down the mountain in a terrible crash.

Finn is killed and Jack is injured badly. There’s other injuries but nothing serious. With no phone service and bad weather Chloe and her boyfriend Vance go looking for help. Soon Ann and a guy they had picked up on the way down go looking for help as well. They are able to get to the road and get help. But when they return things have taken a bad turn. Someone is missing and the rest are in bad shape. And watching down on all of this is Chloe, who hasn’t passed over yet.

Everyone is rescued but one and soon they have another shocking death to deal with. Everyone physically recovers but the mental recovery is different. As Chloe watches down on them and recounts what’s happening, it’s heart-breaking. No one is really able to get over what happened and when shocking secrets are revealed, it makes things more difficult to deal with. They say time heals all wounds and this family and friends will need that time. All the while Chloe watches over and hopes for the best.

You can pick up In An Instant in stores on Tuesday, March 1st.

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