Book Review: ‘In A Book Club Far Away: A Novel’ By Tif Marcelo

Regina, Sophie and Adelaide were the best of friends until the fight years ago. Since then Regina and Sophie haven’t talked. The three of them met on a military base where they were stationed with the husbands or partner in Sophie’s case. Adelaide started a book club and they hit it off. They had a secret code when they needed each other SOS, which meant come right away. Today they all lead seperate lives, each has children and the ones that are talking try to keep in touch. When Adelaide sends an SOS to Regina she finds out Adelaide has to have surgery and needs help. Regina shows up and to her surpise Sophie is there as well (Sophie didn’t know Regina was coming). At first Regina leaves but decides to stay and she and Sophie reach a tentative peace. Regina has also met up with Harry, a man she’s been talking to online. As the days go on tensions mount, old feelings resurface and a shocking truth is revealed about the fight. Can these 3 women put the past behind them?

A solid story of close friendships, love, family and live in the military. It’s very character driven and you follow these women closely and hope they can overcome the past and be friends again.

You can pick up In A Book Club Far Away in stores on Tuesday, April 6th from Gallery.

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