Book Review: ‘If You Change Your Mind: A Novel’ By Robby Weber

It’s summertime in a small south Florida town and for Harry come fall it will be his senior year and then off to college. He’s always dreamed about going to USC but doesn’t have the grades or SAT scores, so the only thing that could get him there is a script-writing contest. He’s always dreamed of being a writer. So that’s his goal for the summer. He needs to have this done in two weeks. At the swim club he meets the good-looking Logan and a spark flies between them. Then he sees Grant, his ex, who left last summer without a word. Grant wants a re-do with Harry, who isn’t really interested in anything but being friends. He starts getting close with Logan and they really like each other. But Grant won’t give up and it causes a rift between Harry and Logan and makes Harry question what he truly wants to do with his future. One things for sure he still wants Logan and hopes he can get him back. This is a charming debut novel from author Robby Weber, with plenty of romance and teen angst, that has the reader rooting for Harry all the way. I great early way to kick off the summer season.

You can pick up If You Change Your Mind in stores on Tuesday, May 3rd from Inkyard Press.

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