Book Review: ‘If The Coffin Fits’ Is The Next Fun Funeral Parlor Mystery

Author Lillian Bell is back with her follow up to A Grave Issue which introduced us to Desiree Turner and her return to Verbena, California and her families funeral parlor. Now she’s been back for a while and is comfortable working at the funeral parlor and her part time job at the local newspaper. But every dead body that comes through she takes a look at to make sure nothing funny is going on.

It’s been a busy time lately. Frank Fiore has died of natural causes in hospice care. When his daughters come in to plan the funeral Desiree overhears a weird comment and starts to question if Frank died of natural causes. Everything with him though is found to be normal in how he died.

Then Violet Daugherty has died in a car crash. Again is seems like she might have fallen asleep nothing unusual. Not to Desiree as she notices something about her hands. Then a small prick is found on her back and a test reveals higher than normal insulin in her body. This sets Desiree off to investigate. She’s soon asked to check out Violet’s house by a distant relative. She finds her laptop and a mysterious key with pictures and cute puppy named Orion that she keeps. The more digging Desiree does on Violet she finds the woman was blackmailing a lot of people in town. Anyone of them could have a motive for murder.

The more digging she does puts her in danger. Then she makes a startling discovery that could tie Frank, Violet and even her dead/missing father (who might not be dead) together. Will she survive long enough to figure it all out?

A fun story with quirky, interesting characters and an easy to follow plot. And throw in a cute puppy and what more can you ask for? Hopefully more fun adventures with Desiree, Orion and the rest will be coming.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 11th from Crooked Land.

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