Book Review: ‘If I Disappear: A Novel’ By Eliza Jane Brazier

Sera Fleece’s life hasn’t been much lately. She’s divorce, works a minimum wage job, has very little friends and basically hangs out in her apartment. Her only joy is listening to the podcasts of Rachel Bard, who does true crime podcasts. She’s obsessed with them and has them all memorized. But then Rachel goes silent. No social media and no more podcasts and no word where she might be. So Sara takes off for her home in Northern California, close to the Oregon boarded and decides to investigate. When she arrives in the small town she’s told she should leave that nothing ever good comes of going to the Bard farm. Sera gets a job there working with the horses and other things. She starts asking questions and no one really knows anything about Rachel. She is not going to stop and soon learns certain things and then a rash of murders start happening and Sera’s live is in danger and saved by an unlucky source and things soon come to light about what has been going on at this ranch and what happened to Rachel.

Author Eliza Jane Brazier is known for her YA novels and this is her debut adult thriller novel. A solid story that is suspensful, engaging and with twists and turns, keeps the reader engaged to the very end of the book. It’s already listed on a lot of 2021 lists as a book to look forward to.

You can pick up If I Disappear in stores on Tuesday, January 26th from Berkley.

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