Book Review: ‘I Spy’ By Claire Kendal

What the heck has happened to Holly Lawrence? In 2013 she had an interview with M15 wanting to be a spy. It was what she has always wanted to do. She didn’t pass the interview so went to work at a hospital. There she met Zac (who was known as a womanizer). They fell fast for each other and moved in together a few months later. She soon learned he wasn’t exactly the man she thought he was. She also found out he had an ex-wife named Jane who left him one day and never heard from again.

And now M15 comes calling again wanting Holly to spy on Zac and look for information on Jane. She is not given a lot of information why and at first says no. Then little things happen and Holly decides to look around and finds little things about Zac and sends the information along. She also finds herself pregnant. Things with Zac are getting worse and M15 says they will help her escape him and start a new life.

Fast forward a few years and she is now living in Bath under a different name. Holly had to leave her old life behind and hopes Zac can’t or won’t find her. Little things start to happen and then a woman and a child who looks like Zac show up and things start to get out of control. Is Zac gone and who does this woman know who she is? A lot secrets start coming out and Holly is in the middle of everything. She suddenly realizes she may not be able to trust everyone around her and soon finds her life in danger and learns shocking truths.

The story goes back and forth in time from the start in 2013 and goes back and forth until the past meets up to present day. There are quite a few twists and turns and ends in an unexpected way. It’s a solid mystery with interesting characters and a story that keeps the reader engaged.

You can pick up I Spy in stores on Tuesday, August 6th from Harper.

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