Book Review: ‘I Killed Zoe Spanos: A Novel’ By Kit Frick

19 year old Zoe Spanos disappeared on New Year’s Eve and 8 months later in August her body is found buried in a lake in the Hamptons. Anna Cicconi, who lives in Brooklyn, looks a lot like Zoe and has confessed to her murder. Or at least she thinks she is the murderer. She has vivid memories of that night, she drank a lot, and thinks she’s responsible. She’s in jail awaiting a trial.

We then flash back to the summer and Anna is working as a nanny in the Hamptons. It’s near the home of where Zoe lived. She knows nothing about the girl or the people that live where she’s working. She soon is mistaken for Zoe on occasions and learns that Zoe went missing. She becomes involved in the mystery when she starts listening to the podcast Missing Zoe by local girl Martina Green.

Anna soon meets Zoe’s boyfriend Calen, who lives next door and is drawn to him. She soon discovers some potential evidence that could implicate Calen. When the autopsy is revealed for Zoe it shows that Anna could not have been the murderer and the hunt is now on for really murdered Zoe. Soon there are some twists and turns you don’t see coming and the person responsible is revealed or is this person revealed?

A solid summer young adult thriller that has some surprises you don’t see coming. A good beach read.

You can pick up I Killed Zoe Spanos in stores now.

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