Book Review: ‘Husband Material: A Novel’ By Emily Belden

Twenty-nine year old Charlotte Rosen has a great job doing social media and coding. She’s dating and on a lot of apps looking for Mr. right. She has a roommate she keeps at a distance and a dog named Leon. But things are about to change big-time for her. She has a secret she that hardly anyone knows about. She’s a widow. She lost her husband Decker five years ago.

When she gets home from work she has a package waiting for her. She thinks it’s a new hard drive for her computer. But it’s an urn that has the ashes of her late husband. The wildfires in Southern California has burned down the crypt where they were kept. The ashes were saved before the fire. As next of kin Charlotte got them. And it has thrown her for a loop. She thought she was ready to move on but this brings everything back to the surface.

Now she has to deal with her ex-mother-in-law, Brian who was Decker’s best friend and a mishap at work that gets her a two week paid vacation. As she figures out what to do with Decker, she’s hanging out with Brian and kind of enjoying it. She soon learns two shocking secrets that sends her spiraling some more and she has to dig down and figure out how to move forward from what she has learned. Will she finally put the past behind her and be able to move forward?

A heart-warming story about grief and moving forward. You feel for Charlotte as she has to deal with one thing on top of another. It has some funny LOL moments and keeps the reader engaged throughout the story.

You can pick up Husband Material in stores on Tuesday, December 30th.

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